September Style Challenges Chart

It’s here! It’s completed! The all new September Style Challenges Chart! I am super excited about this month! I redesigned the chart in a way that I think is easier to read and use. I put in as many style challenges as I could think of. I don’t know if I will participate in ALL of the EVERY DAY but here’s hoping. I have included a few challenges that are either weekly or not a whole month. My goal is to include an updated file every week with the new challenges.

Here are all of the challenges included in my style chart this month!

911 style challenge SeptemberStyleChallenge SeptemberBeStyled FallIntoBellaStyle WearWhatWhereSeptember StyleMeSeptember BelleReneeBeauty stelladotstylechallenge BabiesStyleChallenge DelishStyleChallenge shannonsastylechallenge26

Here is the downloadable file. There are 2 tabs. The first tab is my new design set up as a monthly calendar. The second tab has the list like in previous months.

Happy Styling! I can’t wait to see all the great looks!

September Style Challenges


Hi Guys! Here is the updated chart for this week. I updated #911style_challenge, #shannonsastylechallenge27 and #barbiestylechallenge. I added pictures for the barbie style challenge only because I wasn’t sure how to add all the descriptors for each picture. I didn’t want to miss anything!

Week of September 6 through September 12 September Style Challenges

September Style Challenge


Hi guys,

Last month was a total success, so we are going to try this again! I want your input again.  Is there a style challenge you want to try that you would like included? One that was done last month that you are dying for me to include in my spreadsheet again? Or do you create a challenge that you want me to add?

Please reply to this post if you are interested in participating. If I don’t hear from anyone I will just pick my favorites! I am hoping to improve on my chart as well and make it easier to see each challenge for the specific day!

Now if only I could get better at actually POSTING my daily outfit. I am great at taking the picture and horrible at finding the time to post it on instagram for you guys! Hopefully September will calm down for me!

Hope the rest of your August is wonderful!



August Style Challenges

Hi Guys!

I got a bunch of great feedback and have 9…yes 9!! style challenges for you this month! I’m really excited that SO many people were interested in their challenges being included in my chart. I did pick a couple extra challenges….because I’m me and I really like to push my comfort zone….what better way to do that then try and put 9 challenges in one outfit! I stuck with challenges that post the whole month at a time. I know this month is going to be super busy for me with work and personal events and I didn’t want to worry about missing a week!!!

The link to the EXCEL version of the style challenges is below. I am using a different computer and could not get the pdf version to print nicely.

Happy styling!!!


EXCEL VERSION August Style Challenges