My world is very small. I live within 5 minutes of everything in my life…work, grocery store, doctors offices, parents house, mall, Starbucks. I see most of the same people every day…coworkers, my parents, my husband and little bean. I love my small world, but sometimes I want more.

Enter Twitter.

Creating my anon account has exponentially increased the size of my world. I now communicate with people all over the world. I started the account and this blog as an outlet for everything in my head that I didn’t feel comfortable saying out loud to the people around me. I don’t do much to maintain them other then continuing to spew out the thoughts in my head.

Now that my “following,” albeit a small one, has increased, I wonder what impact I have. A quote from Princess Diaries always comes to mind. Lilly Moscovitz says it,

Wanting to rock the world, but having zip power like me–now, that’s a nightmare.

I don’t do much to rock or change the world, but sometimes I wonder if I am. The people I talk to and communicate with on twitter have seriously impacted my life. I just wonder how much I’ve impacted them.

Is it worth it? Will I be missed if I stop? Just things I wonder about. I’ll probably get over it and realize how much I enjoy it, but that’s where I’m at right now.