New Opportunities

I started this blog just a little more than a year ago.  Surprisingly, things are exactly the same and completely different at the same time. I was unemployed, just finding out I got a new job, with a wonderful son and husband. While these things are all the same, it is completely different.  Last year, the job i was about to start, was a job I was settling for.  Yes, it was a job that allowed me to work part time and spend time with Bean, but i was settling.

As someone who didn’t really think I was ever going to have children, sacrificing the opportunity to further my career and taking a job that I was obviously over-qualifed for, was quite a blow. I felt like taking a bookkeeping job would make me a “better mom” because I would have the time to spend with my son. It was a wonderful opportunity.  I had the chance to spend three-four days a week at a company with other adults while having extra time to play with bean. The problem was that I didn’t feel challenged. Which because of my personality, made me not do the best that I can do. The job allowed me the flexibility I wanted without a whole ton of stress. Then they hired a new controller. A Type A personality who really didn’t know what she was doing. This job that was supposed to be easy and stress-free became one of the worst work environments I had ever been in. I no longer enjoyed my job. It was constantly stressful. I was getting blamed for things that weren’t my fault because my boss didn’t communicate things with me OR gave me the wrong information and then blamed me when my stuff was wrong. So I started looking for a new job. I sent my resumes every where. Any job I could find that I was qualified for, I applied to.

Then, on a Monday, I got cold called by a recruiter on my work phone about a potential job he thought I would be interested in. I brushed it off. I had a job, a job I hated, but still a job. I didn’t feel the need to work with a recruiter because I wasn’t in desperate need of a job. And then, that Wednesday, I got called into the Vice President’s office at 4 pm to be informed that I was getting laid off. Basically, I was getting blamed for all of the mistakes my boss had been making. Everything the said was untrue, and when I tried to stand up for myself, they just brushed me off. The VP thinks the sun signs out of my boss’s ass so I gave up. I was pissed and hurt and terrified. I was now unemployed. What was I going to do? I came home hysterically crying and incredibly pissed at the same time. My husband, sat me down, looked me in the eye, and told me that everything was going to be OK. There have been multiple times in our relationship that my husband has said this. So I immediately emailed the recruiter who cold called me and told me to call my cell phone.

The job he had for me was perfect. It is less than 5 minutes from my house with a $500 million company. Great potential for growth. I would be starting at a senior level with the potential to be promoted to a supervisor in one year and assistant controller in the next 4-5 years. It’s sounds like an amazing opportunity. I was terrified. I had 2 interviews, and everyone loved me. The day I received the phone call saying I got the job, I received the following email from “the Universe,”

The Universe

Everything that was terrifying me about this job was the potential and expectation for growth. What if I can’t do it? What if I’m not ready? “Rise anyway.” Where would I be if I didn’t rise to the occasion when needed? Where would any of us be if we didn’t rise to the occasion when life throws us a curveball? Thankfully, I have not had any horrible events happen in my lifetime, but my life has not been without its challenges. What kind of person would I be if I just let those challenges break me down? Life is not without hardships. It is how you handle them, when you have to rise to the next level.