“The End”

In an attempt to expand my social media-ing, I have attempted to partake in the #fmsphotoaday challenge.  Try as I might, I forget to post every day, but I always look at the prompts.  There is now an app, Little Moments, that notifies you every morning of what the daily prompt is.  B, little bean and I moved into a new house on June 30th.  It is the first house either B or I have owned.  It was a crazy whirlwind month of getting everything ready to move.  We had almost the entire house moved by the time the movers came to move the furniture on that Monday.

The prompt for the day was “the end.” I could not have thought of a more appropriate prompt for the day.  At 28 years old, I still had not considered myself an “adult.” I have a college degree and a master’s degree.  I’ve had multiple career-related jobs.  I got married and i have a SON.  But for whatever reason, I still didn’t feel like a full on adult.  I still said things like “when i grow up” or “I’ll sit with the kids (i.e. not my parents).” No matter how many things I had accomplished, i still didn’t feel like I was officially an adult.

That all changed on Monday June 30th.  I was officially moved into a house that I owned.  My husband and I were now officially over a hundred thousand dollars in debt with this wonderful beautiful little cape cod.  I sat down on the couch and looked around MY living room.  Everything belonged to me.  It was in that moment that I finally felt like an adult.  My childhood ended that day. It was the end of an era and the beginning of something wonderful and unexpected.

Even though my parents are still around, being an adult means being responsible for your own life, and in my case, my son’s life.  Is that really what being an adult means? Knowing that, although there are people that care for you, you are on your own.  In a marriage, yes you have your spouse, and you care for them, but separate from that, I need am on my own and need to take care of myself.  The idea is terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time.

I guess my question for you…what was the defining moment for you that made you realize you were an adult? Was it major life changing moment or was it just a passing thought?


until next time!