20 Facts about me

So day 2 of my blog life is 20 facts about me.  I think its a good idea for a second post so you guys, my followers, can get to know me a little better!

1. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan.  I mean a complete and total nerd about it and obviously not afraid to admit it!

2. My favorite tv show is The Big Bang Theory. I’ve seen every episode multiple times and i still laugh out loud every time I watch.

3. I did gymnastics for 14 years. I would still do it if i could find a gym…..or the time to do it.

4. I took piano lessons for 12 years and still play when I can.

5. I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to have any children until the moment I found out I was pregnant. Now I cant imagine my life without my son.

6. I was always a strong proponent of “engagement, marriage and then baby.” But getting pregnant made me realize that my husband was the right man for me and the only person I could picture raising my children with.

7. My favorite clothing stores are express and Ann Taylor.

8. It took me 12 weeks to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I still have 10 pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but the jeans officially button.

9. My favorite song is “Fall” by Something Corporate.

10. I own 67 pairs of shoes, 2 of which are designer (1 louboutins and 1 choo’s).

11. My favorite color is purple.

12. My style is classic and tailored, but I always wish I could pull off a hipster style like boho or grunge. (P.S. I can’t)

13. I am an only child and I’m ok with that.

14. I am 5’1″ and I love being short.

15. My go-to outfit is jeans, a t-shirt and a black blazer with stilettos

16. I have red hair and I’ve never wanted to dye it.

17. I am perfectly content curling up on the couch with a book or my husband and movie….than going out to the bars.

18. I have never been out of the country except for one weekend in Toronto when I was 9.

19. I think ceiling fans were an amazing invention and every bedroom should have one.

20. I am not a person who has regrets. There are lots of things that have happened in my life that I’m not happy with, but I wouldn’t be who or where I am right now if those things didn’t happen to me.

I hope this is some insight into who I am.

Have a nice night!!!


Hi all,

So i’m gonna try this blog thing.  My name’s Amanda.  I live in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio with my wonderful husband and our beautiful baby boy. I was in public accounting before I had my little bean, and now i’m looking for a new more mom-friendly job.  I’ve always been a huge fan of fashion.  Sitting on my couch with a cup of coffee and Vogue magazine is a favorite past time.  Although now my coffee has been replaced with water and my Vogue has been replaced with a burp cloth.

My husband and I were married in a small civil ceremony in October before our son was born and now we’re starting the process of planning a big church ceremony and reception with all of our friends and family.

I love my new life, but i’m looking forward to finding a job.  I’m hoping that this blog will help me make the transition and give me something that’s mine to do in my free time.  I’m hoping that this blog will be a combination of fashion, wedding planning and parenting tips.  I promise not to gush about my husband or my baby or make this some outlet for my anger/happiness about my life.   I think this blog will help me reconnect with my love for Fashion.  Hence why i’m starting it on the first day of fashion week.  Not that I have inside access to fashion week, but i felt it was good of a time as any to start.  And, until I find a job, someway to get some “me time” while still being able to watch bean.

I found a pin on pinterest, actually, that made me really make the jump to start blogging.  It’s a 31-day blog challenge.  I plan on completing the 31-day challenge as my foray into the blog-o-sphere along with any other posts I feel like posting.

Here is the challenge:

1. Introduction and recent picture

2. 20 facts about me

3. My favorite quote

4. What I am afraid of

5. 10 songs I love right now

6. My 5 senses right now

7. Pet peeves

8. What’s in my handbag

9. Worst habits

10. Best physical feature

11. 15 of my favorite things

12. What’s in my refrigerator?

13. My earliest memory

14. If I won the lottery….

15. An average day

16.  The top of my bucket list

17.  Most proud moment

18. Meaning behind my blog name

19. What I collect

20. Difficult time in my life

21. 10 favorite foods

22. Best thing to happen this year

23. Dream job

24. Favorite childhood book

25. 5 favorite blogs

26. An old photo of me

27. Favorite recipe

28. What I look forward to

29.  Where I’ve traveled

30. What’s in my make up bag

31. Why do I blog.

So here is my first blog for your enjoyment!